Tree Board

Regular Meetings

  • Noon
  • 1st Wednesday of every month
  • Cookeville Public Works Facility
    1115 E Spring Street
    Cookeville, TN 38501

Appointed Members

  • Mike Witt, Chairman
    Term expires: August 2018
  • Leslie Sullins Draper
    Term expires: August 2017
  • Ron Graves
    Term expires: August 2020
  • Mary Dell Sommers
    Term expires: August 2018
  • Julia Woodford
    Term expires: August 2018

Standing Members

  • Guy Zimmerman, Treasurer
  • Jeff Fitzpatrick (for Tony Peek)
  • Rick Woods Director, Leisure Services
  • Ken Young, Planner, Planning Department
  • Jaime Nunan- Urban Forester (for Greg Brown)
  • Douglas L. Airhart, Certified Arborist, Consultant (for Liz Mullins, Dean of Agriculture at Tennessee Tech)


  • Board members consist of five appointed and six standing members:
    • Cookeville Public Works director
    • Cookeville Leisure Services director
    • Cookeville Community Development director
    • Cookeville Electric Department director
  • Appointed board members are required to live inside the Cookeville city limits and may serve no more than two successive terms. Ordinance Number 89107 - Title 13, Chapter 1 of the Cookeville City Code.
  • The board was established on August 4, 1988 by the City Council. It was recommended by the Cookeville Leisure Services department to deal with problems affecting trees in the City of Cookeville.
  • Terms: Appointed members - 3 years staggered (after their first term served).
  • Board members are appointed by the Mayor with City Council approval.