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Burn Permit Request


  1. 1. Within the City Limits
  2. 2. Fire Guidelines
  3. 3. Fire Permit Form
  • Within the City Limits

    1. Are you in the Corporate Limits of Cookeville?
      Before proceeding please note that only addresses within the corporate limits of the City of Cookeville are required to get a permit through the Cookeville Fire Department. Areas outside the corporate limits may still require a TN Forestry Permit or a Permit through their own municipality (Baxter, Algood, Monterey). Please see the website for county fire permits.
    2. How do I know if I am in the corporate limits of Cookeville?
      If you pay Cookeville City Taxes then you are within the corporate limits. Other ways to tell if you are in the corporate limits is whether or not you receive trash pickup from the City of Cookeville are served by the City of Cookeville Police or Fire Departments, or if you receive your electric bill from the City of Cookeville. You may also check the online zoning map to see if you are within the city limits.
    3. Do you live within the corporate limits of Cookeville*
      If, you don't live within the Corporate Limits please visit