Urban Forestry

The idea of urban forestry is not a new concept; here in Cookeville we have had a utility forester and city tree board for over twenty years. These valuable people saw the significance and importance of managing our tree canopy long ago. Over time through education and personal experiences our city and citizens have prioritized the importance of proper tree care so much so that a division of public works was created to oversee it. It is the job of this division to insure that we are generating the greatest amount of benefits from our urban forest with the least amount of complications. Trees are one of the few assets here in Cookeville that continues to grow in a value over time. We recognize the importance of our trees here in Cookeville far beyond the aesthetics benefits they provide and understand the important role they play in improving air quality, water quality, and providing health benefits.

Urban Forestry Responsibilities:

  • Oversee compliance with city tree ordinance and zoning codes
  • Mitigate potential tree hazards
  • Coordinate removal and replacement of city trees in the Right of Way, Parks, and other city maintained property
  • Located and coordinate new tree plantings in open areas of the city to increase canopy coverage
  • Provide educational information and programs covering tree maintenance, urban forestry, trees in the landscape, and tree planting procedures
  • Collaborate with other departments, citizens, and new developers to insure everyone is working with up to date information about tree policies and management practices
  • Oversee tree maintenance, complete canopy studies, and work with local organizations to insure canopy coverage continues to increase
  • Serve on the City of Cookeville Tree Board

Benefits trees provide to our city:

  • Increase air quality
  • Reduce storm water run off
  • Reduce stress on grey infrastructure
  • Increased wild life habitat
  • Attract customers and businesses
  • Increase property values
  • Reduce heating and cooling cost
  • Improved city aesthetics 

Ways to help:

  • Do Not Top Trees
  • Use proper tree planting methods to ensure healthy growth
  • Mulch around new trees
  • Plant many tree varieties to increase diversity
  • Do not plant large growing trees near utility poles, or underneath power lines
  • Choose proper species for tree longevity
  • Keep our parks clean

The City of Cookeville Tree Board  meets the first Wednesday of every month at 12:00pm in the Public Works Department Conference Room at 1115 E Spring St, Cookeville TN 38501.

For more information contact:

Jaime Nunan
Urban Forester
(931)520-5337 office

Helpful Links:
Recommended/Do Not Plant List
City Tree Ordinance
Commercial Landscape Zoning Code

How to Plant a Tree

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