Public Works


The Cookeville Public Works and Engineering Department is responsible for:

  • Brush, Leaf, and Snow Removal
  • Drainage
  • Engineering and Road Projects
  • Stormwater Management
  • Street Cleaning
  • Street Right-of-Way Maintenance as well as Sidewalk Repairs
  • Street Signs
  • Traffic Signals

Our department employs sixty persons and has more than one-hundred vehicles and equipment to carry out its service for over 200 miles of streets. Our responsibilities are to the citizens in providing a safe and clean community in which to live. We also provide weekly curbside garbage collection to over 11,000 households and commercial collection to over 700 businesses and industries. 

Contact Us

The information furnished in these pages are to help citizens understand more clearly the services we provide and the programs we offer. We appreciate and encourage citizens to contact our department with questions or problems regarding our services.