Water & Sewer

The City of Cookeville Department of Water Quality Control maintains water lines, the water treatment plant, sewer lines, pump stations and the wastewater treatment plant. The Cookeville Department of Water Quality Control is committed to providing a high-quality supply of water to each of our over 14,675 customers. We are also committed to collecting and treating wastewater and returning it to the rivers and watersheds in a safe effective way.

Report a Leak

To report a leak between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday, dial 931-520-5239. For After Hour Emergencies please call the Cookeville Police Department at 931-526-2125 and they will contact our On-Call personnel.


The City of Cookeville Department of Water Quality Control employs (11) Water Treatment Plant staff, (7) Wastewater Treatment Plant staff, (30) Collection and Distribution staff, and (5) Administrative/Staff Support Personnel that work with the water and wastewater programs.


Presently we have 14,675 water customers and 14,664 sewer customers. We also sell water to the cities of Algood (931-537-9545) and Baxter (931-858-2142) plus:

  • Cookeville Boatdock Utility District - (931) 432-4459
  • The Old Gainesboro Road Utility District - (931) 526-7210
  • Bangham Utility District - (931) 526-1455
  • O’Connor Utility District - (931) 738-5610
  • Double Springs Utility District - (931) 526-3827

Septic System

If your aren’t connected to the City Sewer System or live outside the City Limits, then chances are you have a traditional septic system. Visit the Environmental Protection Agency website that answers questions and provides tips on the maintenance and care of your septic system.