Sanitation Services

Services for New Residents

New residents will automatically receive the city’s sanitation services. To find out the scheduled pickup day in your area, call 931-520-5249. Need to know your pickup day? View the Residential Pickup List (PDF).

Commercial Collection Services

The City provides waste collection services to local businesses and industries for a monthly fee. For more information call 931-520-5248.

Sanitation Truck

Special Pick Ups

Household material that is too bulky for your 96 gallon cart such as appliances or furniture will not be collected with the regular garbage. These bulk items are collected separately the first and third Tuesdays of each month by calling 931-520-5201 and leaving the address.

Hazardous Materials

Highly flammable, combustible, explosive or hazardous materials shall not be placed in containers for regular collection. A mobile hazardous trailer will be in town at scheduled times to collect these items. For information, call the Keep Putnam County Beautiful Clean Commission at 631-537-3278 or Putnam County Solid Waste at 931-528-3884.

Disposal of Medications

A permanent drug disposal box is located at the Cookeville Police Department. It is available 24 hours a day for anyone who wants to drop off medications.

Paint Collection at Dacco

The Dacco Convenience Center will collect paint for disposal Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Holiday Schedule

Click here for the holiday trash pickup schedule.

Center Locations

Name Location Phone
Bangham 5759 Hilham Road 931-528-5693
Bloomington Springs 6670 Martin Creek Road 931-858-3271
Brotherton 7200 Brotherton Road 931-537-3811
Buffalo Valley 3340 Medley Amonette Road 931-858-3547
Dacco Quarry 3000 Dacco Quarry Road 931-528-9094
Ditty 3305 Ditty Road 931-432-4246
Gentry 14228 Nashville Highway 931-858-5842
Monterey 2730 Old Walton Road 931-839-3482
Silver Point 130 Center Hill Dam Road 931-858-6449
County Landfill 10089 Cookeville Boatdock Road 931-858-4071