Recycling Oil

Changed Your Oil? Now What?

  • If you are like a lot of handy people, changing your oil and oil filters is something you do to save money. And now thanks to the established Used Oil Collection Center in your area, you can change used oil into something that will help your community and save money too.
  • By bringing your used oil filters to the collection center, you help prevent damaging the environment you enjoy and the cost to clean up pollution. You see, just a little used oil can pollute a lot. For example, only one gallon of used oil can pollute over a million gallons of drinking water. And used oil dumped on the ground can make that ground sterile for years. Used oil has been one of the leading polluters of the community.
  • But now you can help change that by bringing your used oil to the nearest Used Oil Collection Center. The City’s Vehicle Maintenance Garage operates an oil filter crusher and two used oil heaters. The oil collected will be recycled into heat which saves the city money. The filter crusher crushes the filters to 25% of their original size and removes up to 95% of free-flowing oil.
  • Stricter environmental and landfill regulations are being enforced almost every day, greatly affecting the way we live and do business. Garbage isn’t just garbage any more. Now it must be sorted, recycled, examined for hazardous waste and disposed of properly and legally. It is no longer a matter of simply tossing used oil and filters into the trash. It all means better things for the future of our planet, but it means more work for all of us, too.

Recycling Your Used Oil is as Simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Place your used oil in a clean plastic bottle - such as the kind used for milk or drinking water - with a lid that screws on tightly.
  2. Avoid plastic bottles once used for bleach, cleaners, pesticides, and automobile fluids such as antifreeze or metal cans that contained paint of solvent; they may contain residues that can contaminate the oil.
  3. Bring it to one of the Used Oil Collection Centers. That’s it. It’s easy - and you are doing something to keep the environment clean and safe - for all of us.