Mosquito Control

The City of Cookeville provides assistance to city residents who may have potential mosquito problems. Our program attempts to educate city residents on how mosquitoes breed and how people can help eliminate breeding places. All mosquitoes must have water to develop. Most prefer slow-moving or stagnant water in which to lay their eggs. One tablespoon of water will breed over 200 mosquitoes. During warm weather, mosquitoes can complete their life cycle in 4 days. While there are dozens of mosquito control devices on the market today, the safest and most effective method still is to destroy mosquito breeding places.

Homeowner Check List of Mosquito Sources & Corrective Actions

  • Basements: Keep dry, drain, correct leaky plumbing, dripping air conditioning or refrigeration, install a sump pump.
  • Birdbath: Change water frequently, at least once a week.
  • Boat: Store small boats upside down, Cover large boats to prevent accumulation of water, keep drains open.
  • Catch Basins and Storm Drains: Do not dispose of liter or garden debris into these and never pour used motor oil or other materials into them.
  • Containers, Buckets, Pots, Barrels, Pans, Cans: Empty, invert, punch drainage holes, dispose of, or cover to prevent mosquito entrance.
  • Creeks: Do not dispose of litter or garden debris in creek, clean obstructions to promote flow, check unconnected side pools - fill, connect to flow, or stock with fish.
  • Fishpond: Stock with fish. Remove excess vegetation. Construct properly. Remove if no longer wanted.
  • Plastic Covers: Prevent or remove accumulation of rain or sprinkler water on covers.
  • Rain Gutters: Keep clean so that water does not stand.
  • Spas and Hot Tubs: Keep chlorinated, if not in use tightly cover and keep rain water from accumulating on the cover.
  • Swimming Pool: Keep chlorinated, if not in use tightly cover and keep rain water from accumulating on the cover, stock with fish if no longer to be used.
  • Tires: Store inside garage or shed, cover to prevent water from accumulating or dispose of them.
  • Tree Holes: Drain, fill, remove limb or tree, or consult with the City’s Forester at the Electric Department at 931-526-7411.

A general rule in preventing the production of backyard mosquitoes is: no standing water - no mosquitoes!

Devices to Help

Repellents are available in sprays, liquids, creams and sticks. The most effective repellents contain DEET, which will provide longer lasting protection. When applied to the skin, repellents can prevent insect bites for up to 2 or more hours. Read all labels for precautions. The City provides briquettes of larvacide free of charge to city residents. They may be picked up at City Hall, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The City does not spray for adult mosquitoes.

Adult Control Products may be purchased from local stores that sell home pesticide control products. There are several products on the market that will provide control for a short period of time.

West Nile Virus Information

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