Online Subdivision Map

Subdivision Name
Lot Location Approval Status
Abbie Court Subdivision (PDF)
5 Buffalo Valley Road Final 9-15
Abington Heights Preliminary Plat (PDF)
9 West Stevens Street Preliminary 1/17
Armand Bussell Division 8 Bill Smith Road Final 02-04
Avery Place 16 Old Kentucky Road Final 08-03
Blackwell Park (PDF)
13 Blackwell Road Final 05-09
Broadway Apartments Phase I Final Plat (PDF)
3 West Broad Street Final 5-16
Brookhaven Final Plat (PDF)
9 Denton Avenue, Freeze Street and North Ferguson Avenue Final 9/17
Brownstones Townhomes (PDF) 8 Stout Street
Final 03-11
Carrington Estates (PDF)
13 Bayview Drive Final 11-14
Copperfield Phase II
Fisk Road
Final 12-00
Copperfield Phase III
Fisk Road
Final 08-02
Copper Springs Phase III Preliminary Plat (PDF)
East Spring Street Preliminary 2-16
Cottages Preliminary Plat (PDF)
49 Springboro Road and McCulley Road Preliminary 9-15
Cross Pointe Subdivision Phase II Final Plat (PDF)
36 Old Sparta Road and Bob Bullock Road Final 4-17
Crown Pointe 38 North Washington Avenue Final 09-99
Crown View Estates 6 Crescent Drive Final 02-06
Cypress Creek 5 West 9th Street Final 01-05
Downton Square Phase I Subdivision (PDF)
8 East Spring Street Final 5-15
Downton Square Phase II Subdivision (PDF)
13 East Spring Street Final 9-15
Downton Square Phase III Final Plat (PDF)
12 East Spring Street Final 4-16
Downton Square Phase IV Preliminary Plat (PDF)
13 East Spring Street Preliminary 10-15
Downton Square Phase V Final Plat (PDF)
1 East Spring Street Final 5-16
Downton Square Phase VI Preliminary Plat (PDF)
East Spring Street
Preliminary 5-16
Eagle Point Preliminary Plat (PDF)
8 South Walnut Avenue and Interstate Drive Preliminary 5/17
Edgington Court Preliminary Plat (PDF)
23 West Broad Street and Chestnut Avenue Preliminary 3/17
Essex Road Phase I 10 Essex Road Final 04-04
Essex Road Phase II 5
Essex Road Final 2-07
Farris Hills at Falling Water Subdivision (PDF)
21 Boyd Farris Road Final 11-15
Fitzpatrick Division (PDF)
5 Whitson Chapel Road Final 08-11
Forrest Cove 19 Forrest Road Final 05-06
Forest Oaks Phase II Preliminary Plat (PDF)
9 Bradford Trace Preliminary 10-16
Franklin Court Preliminary Plat (PDF)
5 South Franklin Avenue Preliminary 9/17
Glen Abbey Subdivision (PDF)
21 Glen Abbey Drive Final 11-14
Grant's Grounds Preliminary Plat/Final RAO Plan (PDF)
7 North Franklin Avenue Final 8-17
Greystone Subdivision Preliminary Plat (PDF)
61 East Broad Street Preliminary 2/17
Hudgens Court Preliminary Plat PDF)
5 East Hudgens Street Preliminary 4/17
Hunters Pointe 14
Tanglewood Drive
Final 04-01
H.V. Lewis Division (PDF)
7 Holladay Road Final 10-08
Johnny Hammock Division Preliminary Plat (PDF)
16 Huddleston Drive Preliminary 7-15
J. P. Terry Farm
Hillside Drive Final 09-99
Katelyn Place 11 Bayview Drive Final 01-05
Lane's Haven Subdivision (PDF)
Whitson Chapel and East Broad Street
Final 4-15
Langford Woods 17 Ferguson Avenue Final 09-01
Laurel Hill Subdivision Phase I 10 Cora Road Final 10-11
Leslie Hargis, Redivision Lot 2 (PDF)
5 Ellis Avenue Final 08-11
Manning Place 14 Flatt Hollow Road Final 01-1999
Magnolia Creek Preliminary Plat (PDF)
51 Freehill Road Preliminary 7/17
Magnolia on 10th Condos (PDF)
32 East 10th Street Final 08-10
McCulley Farms Preliminary Plat (PDF)
McCulley Road and Burton Lane
Preliminary 9/17
Mercantile Preliminary Plat (PDF)
20 East 10th Street Preliminary 5/17
Milfred Knoll 5 Milfred Avenue Final 03-05
Northhaven Estates 29 Carolina Avenue Final 09-1999
Old Kentucky Courtyards (PDF)
19 Old Kentucky and East Hudgens Street
Final 04-13
Old Kentucky Place 17 Old Kentucky Road Final 09-00
Perimeter Place Phase II 9 Perimeter Place Phase II Final 08-00
Quail Hollow (PDF)
39 12th Street Final 07-10
Ray and Barbara Loft I Subdivision Final Plat (PDF)
4 Bunker Hill Road Final 10-15
Reserve at the Country Club (PDF)
109 Shag Rag Road Final 09-08
Reserve at the Country Club Phase II Preliminary Plat (PDF)
23 Reserve Drive and Eagle Drive Preliminary 9/17
Reserve at the Country Club Redivision Lots 37 38, 1982-84 and 98 10 Off Shag Rag Road
Final 11-15
Richland Mansfield Village (PDF)
20 12th Street Final 08-11
Ridgecrest Northend Division PDF)
5 East Gate Circle Final 06-10
River's Edge Final Plat (PDF)
30 Old Sparta Highway Final 10-16
Sam's Club Division 3 Bunker Hill Road Final 06-04
Saint James North (PDF)
5 South Walnut Avenue Final 11-13
Saint James Place Condos 34 South Walnut Avenue Final 06-07
Saint James Place West Phase I (PDF) 19 South Walnut Avenue Final 08-09
Saint James West Phase II (PDF)
6 South Walnut Avenue Final 09-11
Saint James West Phase III (PDF)
6 South Walnut Avenue Final 12-11
Saint James Phase IV (PDF)
10 South Walnut Avenue Final 06-12
S. Jefferson Business Park, Phase II 7 South Jefferson Avenue Final 07-08
Somerville Phase I Preliminary Plat (PDF)
22 Breeding Avenue and 10th Street Preliminary 2-16
Somerville Phase II Final Project PDF)
8 East 10th Street and Breeding Avenue Final 8-16
South Willow Industrial Park 4 Foreman Drive Final 08-99
Southern Woods 10 Bunker Hill Road Final 11-05
Steven's Point Final Plat (PDF)
Neal Street Final 08-00
Steven's Square Final Plat (PDF)
16 West Stevens Street
Final 9 / 17
Stone Creek, Phase I 17 Braswell Avenue Final 06-07
Old Walton Road Final 4-00
Sugarleaf Townhomes (PDF)
Surgarhill Place
Final 07-12
The Meadows 43 White Road Final 04-06
Tenth and Fisk Lot 4 Preliminary Plat (PDF)
10 10th Street and Fisk Road Preliminary 3/17
Town Place Phase I 3 Mahler Avenue Final 03-05
Town Place Phase II 10 Mahler Avenue Final 03-05
The Villager Condos 16 East 10th Street Final 07-07
University Center Townhomes (PDF)
25 East 12th Street Final 05-10
University Square Phase I (RAO) (PDF)
36 West 7th and North Willow Avenue Final 08-13
University Square Phase II Subdivision (RAO) (PDF)
41 West 8th Street, North Chestnut Avenue and West 9th Street Final 3-15
Villas at Maple Point 28 South Maple Avenue Final 09-05
Washington Commons (PDF)
5 East Jere Whitson and North Washington Avenue Final 9-15
Washington Station Townhomes Preliminary Plat (PDF)
21 North Washington Avenue Preliminary 6-16
West Broad Cottages (RAO) (PDF)
West Broad and Chestnut
Final 11-14
West End Neighborhood Phase I Final Plat (PDF)
3 West End Street Final 8-15
West End Neighborhood Phase II Subdivision Preliminary Plat (PDF)
18 West End Street Preliminary 7-15
West End Neighborhood Phase III Preliminary Plat (PDF)
27 West End Street Preliminary 8-15
West End Neighborhood Phase IV Preliminary Plat (PDF)
24 West End Street
Preliminary 3-16
Windsor Hill Island Preliminary Plat (PDF)
49 Eeast Spring Street and Nottingham Drive Preliminary 6/17
Williams Division 4 Country Club Road Final 01-06
Winter Hill Estates (PDF)
Fisk and Winterhill
Final 11-13
Wheeler / Caldemeyer Preliminary Plat (PDF)
Neal Street and East Veterans
Preliminary 3/17
10th and Fisk Properties, LLC (PDF)
4 East 10th Street Final 06-06