Human Resources


Human Resources is a service department that coordinates personnel management functions for all City departments. Services include:

  • Recruitment, selection and retention of employees
  • Maintenance of the classification plan
  • Maintenance of individual personnel files
  • Coordination of Risk Management and employee safety program
  • Administration of the city’s drug and alcohol testing program


This department provides staff and clerical support to all City departments in the selection and retention of employees. Human Resources is responsible for managing the risks of the City in order to minimize the loss of physical, financial and human resources; including management of:

  • Acts of nature
  • Exposure and accidents
  • Liability
  • Safety and employee health
  • Theft and vandalism

Public Records Request

Requests for the inspection or copying of public records must be made using the Request for Public Records Form (PDF) and are processed by the Human Resources Department. Please contact the Human Resources Department with any questions or requests for public records.