Dance Program Policies

Attire & Grooming

Proper dance wear and proper grooming of hair is an essential part of a student’s dance training. Students are required to be properly attired and groomed for each class. Hair must be worn up, away from the face, off the neck and secured for all classes. No jewelry or gum is allowed in class. All dance wear, including shoes should be labeled with the student’s name.


  • Pink tights (for legs)
  • Black or solid dark colored leotard
  • Pink slippers (Capezio, Bloch, or Freed)

DYC, Modern, Jazz & Tap

  • All: Black or solid dark colored leotard or unitard
  • DYC and Modern - pink or black tights, bare feet
  • Jazz - Capezio or Block soft leather black jazz oxfords

Male Attire

  • Bare feet for Dance for Young Children
  • Black or white shoes for ballet, jazz, tap
  • Lightweight shorts
  • White cotton T-shirt


Students, including Dance for Young Children participants, are privileged to have a spring performance opportunity. Students are responsible for a performance costume fee. More detailed information will be furnished later in the school year.

Make-Up Classes

Students are urged to make up any missed classes. Make-up classes should be completed as soon as possible. Arrangements for day and time should be made with the class instructor.

Refund Policy

The Cookeville Department of Leisure Services offers a full money back guarantee for all of its classes and programs. If, after attending the first two classes, you are not satisfied with the class or the instruction, you may receive a full refund. Please request the refund in writing within one week after the second class.

Other Refunds

Tuition fees are based on a full year, not prorated on a per class basis. After the first two classes, partial refunds or credits will be made only when the students must discontinue classes for medical reasons or due to moving away from the Cookeville area. Students terminating classes for other reasons will not receive tuition refunds. Deductions will not be made when students miss class. Students may make up classes missed by making arrangements with the instructor.

Bad Weather

In bad weather situations, school closings are not a factor in determining whether classes will be held. When classes are canceled because of bad weather conditions, you may call the Studio number at 931-526-7393 and listen to the message detailing class schedule. Please be aware that some of your instructors come from Nashville and therefore, we may need to cancel classes when weather conditions in Cookeville seem manageable. In the event that classes are canceled, make-up classes will be scheduled.