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The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at 1870 South Jefferson Ave, Cookeville TN 38506
Plant Superintendent: Tom Graham
Phone: (931) 526-6866
Sewer Collection System:

Our system contains approximately 165 miles of sewer collection lines including some 2″ low pressure sewers, up to 36″ interceptor sewers. We have 20 wastewater pumping stations in our collection system which we maintain. Each year the collection system is expanded, mostly by developers installing new subdivisions, and each year since 1991 we have spent approximately $400,000 on rehabilitating existing sewer lines.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Information:

The Cookeville Wastewater Treatment Plant is a 14 million gallon per day (MGD) activated sludge treatment plant utilizing the Lakeside’s Oxidation Ditch technology. The treatment capacity is up to 14 MGD. The treatment train now consists of grit removal, influent pump station (screw pumps), a sludge selector, oxidation ditches, secondary clarifiers, and ultraviolet light disinfection. The sludge process uses (2) two sludge holding tanks and 2-two meter belt filter presses to de-water the sludge. The sludge then is processed through a lime stabilization process to produce a Class A biosolid which is then land recycled and used as a soil amendment. Click Here to Download WWTP Process Schematic and Information Brochure.


Staff at the Cookeville Wastewater Treatment Plant.