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The City of Cookeville has accepted a three year grant from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, for an urban forester to implement strategies outlines in the Urban Forestry Management Plan and to serve on Cookeville’s Tree Board.

Under this Grant, Cookeville has developed a program to manage the quality and quantity of trees located in our Urban Forest. The program will focus on the following:

  • Public Education and outreach.
  • Public involvement/ participation.
  • Increasing Canopy Coverage.
  • Hazard Tree Control.
  • Tree Board Projects.
  • Increasing quantity and quality of trees.



What is an Urban Forester?

An urban forester is a person hired to handle the care and conservation of trees located within the city, with a main goal of increasing quantity and quality of our urban forest. The city’s urban forester is to serve as an environmental steward for the community, available to help with anything tree related, questions, concerns, etc.

Who is responsible for removal/maintenance of trees?

Trees located within parks, city owned property and right of ways are the responsibility of the city, while trees located on private property are the responsibility of the property owner. If there is a question of who is responsible for a certain tree posing a hazard or concern, contact the city urban forester.

What tree species should I plant?

See our list of recommended and non-recommended trees for planting in Cookeville, if there are any trees not on the list that you have questions about contact the urban forester.

How can I get involved with our urban forestry program?

There are many ways to be involved in our urban forestry program, below is the information on how to become an official Tree Sanctuary in cookeville, if you have any questions or need assistance contact urban forester. Another way is to watch the city calendar for local tree plantings or events.

Ways to Help

  • Do Not Top Trees
  • Use proper tree planting methods to ensure healthy growth
  • Mulch around new trees
  • Plant many tree varieties to increase diversity
  • Do not plant large growing trees near utility poles, or underneath power lines
  • Choose proper species for tree longevity
  • Keep our parks clean

Other Helpful Information

For all questions and concerns regarding urban forestry program please contact:

Jaime Nunan
City of Cookeville
Urban Forester
[email protected]