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The following links are to the Zoning Code for the City of Cookeville. The text of the Zoning Code consists of 33 sections numbered Section 201 to Section 233. Section 234 provides a chart of permitted land uses and Section 235 contains various illustrations.

The Zoning Code includes a Zoning Map. You may view the Online Cookeville Zoning Map here.

Adopted by the Cookeville City Council on December 20, 2001 through Ordinance No. O01-11-15, the Zoning Code and Zoning Map became effective on January 4, 2002. It replaced and superseded the 1988 Zoning Code and Zoning Map.  The 2002 Zoning Code has been amended on a number of occasions the most recent being Ordinance O17-04-15 on May 18, 2017.

If you have any questions regarding the Cookeville Zoning Code or Map, please contact James Mills, Cookeville Planning Director, at (931) 520-5238 or at [email protected]cookeville-tn.org

Some of the information below requires third party software. Items in PDF format require Adobe Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded for free. Items with a ZIP extension require Winzip.

Zoning CodeDownload (PDF)
Title PageTitle Page.pdf
Table of ContentsTable of Contents.pdf
General Provisions201 General Provisions.pdf
Construction of Language and Difinitions202 Language and Definitions.pdf
Zoning Districts and Map203 Zoning Districts and Map.pdf
Supplemental District Regulations204 Supplemental District Reg's.pdf
Parking, Access, Curb Cuts; Culverts, Off Street Loading, and Unloading205 Parking and Other Req's.pdf
Additional Standards for Certain Uses206 Additional Standards.pdf
General Sign Requlations207 General Sign Regulations.pdf
Landscaping and Screening Requirements208 Landscaping and Screening Req's.pdf
Architectural Design Requirements208A Architectural Standards.pdf
Sidewalk Requirements209 Sidewalk Req's.pdf
RS-20 -- Single Family Residential210 RS-20.pdf
RS-15 -- Single Family Residential211 RS-15.pdf
RS-10 -- Single Family Residential212 RS-10.pdf
RS-5 --Single Family Residential213 RS-5.pdf
RD- -- Single Family and Duplex214 RD.pdf
RM-8 -- Multi-Family Residential 215 RM-8.pdf
RM-14 -- Multi-Family Residential216 RM-14.pdf
RMHP -- Residential Mobile Home Park217 RMHP.pdf
PRD -- Planned Residential Development218 PRD.pdf
CBD -- Central Business District219 CBD.pdf
CN -- Neighborhood Commercial220 CN.pdf
CL -- Local Commercial221 CL.pdf
CG -- General Commercial222 CG.pdf
CR -- Regional Commercial223 CR.pdf
PCD -- Planned Commercial Development224 PCD.pdf
MS -- Medical Services225 MS.pdf
UNV -- University226 UNV.pdf
CI -- Commercial-Industrial Mixed Use227 CI.pdf
LM -- Light Manufacturing228 LM.pdf
HM -- Heavy Manufacturing229 HM.pdf
FL -- Floodplain230 FL.pdf
SRA -- Sinkhole Retention Area231 SRA.pdf
HS -- Historic232 HS.pdf
RAO -- Redevelopment Area Overlay232A RAO.pdf
Administration and Enforcement233 Administration & Enforcement.pdf
Chart of Permitted Uses234 Chart of Permitted Uses.pdf
Zoning Code Illustrations (2 MB)235 Zoning Illustrations.pdf
QM -- Quarry and Mining236 QM.pdf