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The following links are to the 1999 Urban Growth Boundary Report for the City of Cookeville. This report was completed to comply with the provisions of Public Chapter 1101 of 1998. Public Chapter 1101 mandated the preparation of 20-year growth plans for every county in the State. The act called for the establishment of a coordinating committed in each county for the purpose of formulating the countywide growth plan.

The Cookeville Urban Growth Boundary Report was submitted to the Putnam County Coordinating Committee and was incorporated into the Putnam County Countywide Growth Plan. The Countywide Growth Plan was ratified by the City of Cookeville, the Towns of Algood, Baxter and Monterey and Putnam County and was approved by the Local Government Planning Advisory Committee of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development in 2000.

If you have any questions regarding the Cookeville Urban Growth Boundary Report, you may contact James Mills, Cookeville Planning Director, at (931) 520-5238 or at [email protected].

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