Smoke Testing Project To Begin Monday November 27th

The City of Cookeville Department of Water Quality Control has contracted with PCI, Inc. (Performance Contracting, Inc.) to smoke test three basins in the sanitary sewer system: Little Creek, McCord, and the Downtown area.  Door hangers have been hung at the residents and businesses that will be affected. The Project contact will be Matthew Phillips at 931-520-5362.

Smoke Testing Information

Smoke testing will involve blowing smoke into the sewer lines and searching for sources of storm water and ground water entering the sanitary sewer system. A special non-toxic smoke manufactured for this purpose will be used. The smoke leaves no residuals or stains and has no effects on plant or animal life. The smoke has a distinctive, but not unpleasant odor. Visibility and odor lasts only a few minutes, where there is adequate ventilation.

If your house is connected to the sewer, smoke should be visible leaving the plumbing vents on the roof of your house. If you have defective plumbing or drains that have not been used for some time, smoke may enter the house. Residents should pour water down any drains that have not been used recently to fill the trap. This should prevent smoke from entering the house. If traces of smoke or its odor enter your house or building, it is an indication that gases and odors from the sewer can also enter. The odors and gas from the sewer can be both unpleasant and dangerous as well as a health hazard to the occupants. Identifying the location of the smoke entering the building and correcting the problem is urgently advised.




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