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Ye Cast
Master, of the ship                               Bethany Barnwell
Boatswain                                               Benjamin Johnson
Alonso, King of Naples                           Matt Wilson
Antonio, Prospero’s brother                   Dave Johnson
Gonzala, and honest counselor        Mary Pashley
Sebastian, the King’s brother                    Matt Hunter
Water Spirits Ashley Nabors, Lindsey Nabors
Stormy Water Sandy Dunavan-Johnson, Liv Sinclair
Miranda, daughter to Prospero               Lisa Shinn
Prospero , usurped Duke of Milan        Andy Cannon
Ariel, an airy spirit                                     Jessica Nabors
Caliban, a savage and deformed slave Lucas Clay Flatt
Ferdinand, son to the King of Naples     James Alder
Adrian, a lordess                                     Sarah Gray
Fransisca, a lordess                              Bethany Barnwell
Trinculo, a jester                                      Evan Stevens
Stephano, a drunken butler              Philip Charles Horn
Spirits                          Ashley Nabors, Lindsey Nabors
Hounds Ashley Nabors, Lindsey Nabors,
Ben Johnson

Production Staff
Producer—Chad McDonald
Director—Steven W. Gwilt
Production Stage Manager—Sandy Dunavan-Johnson
Backstage Manager—Liv Sinclair
Stage Crew—Jeffery A. Burnsides, Ashley Nabors, Dave Johnson
Lighting Design & Engineer—Brandon Walls
Scenic Design-Steven W. Gwilt
Set Construction—Chad McDonald, Roger Long
Scenic Painter—Kim Frick-Welker
Paint Crew—Lindsey Nabors,
Jessica Nabors, Bethany Barnwell
Costume Design —Jodie Nabors
Costume Construction—Jodie Nabors, Mary Pashley
Tempest & Banquet Choreography—Ashley Nabors
Props—Steve Gwilt, Cast & Crew
Tire provided by Angela Hunter and Family
Shakespeare in the Park Logo Design—Wayne Hogan
Poster & Program layout—Steve Gwilt
Publicity Photographs—Kim Frick-Welker

Presented by The Dept. of Leisure Services,
Cultural Arts Division & The Cookeville Performing Arts Center

The setting:
Act I, scene 1: On a ship at sea: a tempestuous noise
Act I, scene 2: The island. Before Prospero’s cell.
Act II , scene 1: Another part of the island.
Act II, scene 2: Another part of the island.
Act III, scene 1: Before Prospero’s cell.
Act III, scene 2: Another part of the island.
Act III, scene 3: Another part of the island.
Act IV: Before Prospero’s cell.
Act V: Before Prospero’s cell.

Thanks to…
The Cookeville Arts Council
Cookeville Children’s Theatre
Dave Johnson
Cookeville Communications
Angie Hunter & Family
Leisure Services Parks &Maintenance Division
Frank McCowan
Mark Creter,
TTU Backdoor Playhouse
Charles Long,
Wesley Arena Theatre
Elizabeth Ayres,
Herald Citizen
Amy Gwilt


Bethany Barnwell (Master/Fransisca) is a senior in high school. This is her first time performing in a play. She is very excited to be appearing in this show! Thanks to all my friends and family, for support and encouragement, and to Mr. Steve, for casting me in this play!

Benjamin Johnson (Boatswain, Hound) is delighted to be in Shakespeare in the Park MMIX.

Matt Wilson ( Alonso) is very pleased to be back in the park performing one of the Bard’s works again. You might have seen him recently in A Night of One Acts at the Wesley, She Stoops to Conquer, 1940’s Radio Hour or Assassins. He would like to thank his friends and family for their constant love and support. Also, thanks to Mab!

Dave Johnson (Antonio) appreciates the opportunity to be involved in another Shakespeare in the Park production and would like to publicly thank the City of Cookeville for supporting the arts and providing a theatrical public option.

Ashley Nabors (Choreography, Spirits) provided choreography and stage assistance for The Tempest, and was almost everyone’s understudy!

Lindsey Nabors (Spirits) is a 13-year old 8th grader. This is her third show. She has been in The Wizard of Oz with CCT in 2006 and The Music Man with CPAC this summer. She is very happy to be in this show and thanks everyone for their support.

Mary Pashley (Gonzola) has been a Finance Professor at TTU for over 20 years, but was a theatre-math double major at Vandy YEARS before that where her favorite roles were Gina in The Wild Duck and Joanne in Godspell.  She was last seen as Eulalie Shinn in the Summer 2009 CPAC production of The Music Man.   She is a regular participant in local choral events including Mastersingers concert versions of Jekyll & Hyde (Lady Beaconsfield) and The Music Man (Alma Hix).
She was also seen as Adelaide in scenes from Guys and Dolls in the Thanks for the Memories showcase done in honor of Marge Hargrove. Mary would like to thank Steve for choosing her for Gonzala (o) and letting her try her hand at a Shakespearean role in Tempest, her first SITP production.  She also wants to thank EJ for putting up with her frequent absences and promises to catch up on the laundry soon.

Matt Hunter (Sebastian) is thrilled to be part of this year’s Shakespeare in the Park’s production of The Tempest. His sole performance on this stage was last year in Shakespeare in the Park’s production of Hamlet as the Player King & the Priest. He has thoroughly enjoyed learning & performing Shakespeare, as it gives him a challenge. He was last seen as Pablo, the know-it-all detective, in CPAC’s production of Suicide in Bb, which will be competing at TTA in a few weeks. He has worked with many other area theatres, such as Cookeville Children’s Theatre, The Wesley Arena Theatre, & well known Cumberland County Playhouse. Some of these roles include Crow #3/Emerald City Guard in The Wizard of Oz (CCT), Prince Robert in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (CCT), Maurice in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (CCT), Wally Fergusson in The Radio Hour (WAT), a Wickersham Brother in Seussical the Musical! (CCP), Tinkham/Engineer/Ensemble in Shenandoah (CCP), and Salesman #2/Featured Dancer in The Music Man (CPAC). He would like to thank his mother, Angie, for everything, especially getting us the huge tractor tire that you see suspended on the stage tonight. Also, he would like to thank Steve for this wonderful opportunity; he is so happy to finally play a villain! And finally, he would like to thank his best friends Stephen, Alex, Heather, Sarah, & Elissa. “Congratulations to the entire cast & crew, we have a great show! Break a leg!!!”

Lisa Shinn (Miranda) is more than delighted that her first Shakespeare experience could be with Shakespeare in the Park. Being a senior, she would like to thank her teachers for putting up with her these past few weeks, especially the Hawk and Mr. Swann. She wishes also to thank her mother-the most wonderful person she knows-for being so loving and patient. “Alack, for pity!” Enjoy!

Andy Cannon (Prospero) and his wife Sherrie own Discovery Depot & The Candy Caboose here in Cookeville, TN.  Andy also works at Automation Tool Company as an electrical engineer.  Andy was Charlie Cowell this summer in “The Music Man” at CPAC. Andy is thrilled to be a part of Shakespeare in the Park this season and would like to thank to Sherrie and Tori, their daughter, for encouraging him to audition.  Andy would also like to thank Steve, the cast, and the crew for their confidence and encouragement. Special thanks to Jodie Nabors for the awesome costumes.

Jessica Nabors (Ariel) Jessica is a 16-year old homeschooled senior. This is her seventh production. Past performances include four shows with Cookeville Children’s Theater, including The Wizard of Oz,  and Seussical with the Cumberland County Playhouse, and most recently The Music Man with the Cookeville Performing Arts Center. She is incredibly excited to be a part of this wonderful production! She thanks Mr. Steve for the opportunity, her mother for working so hard on the costumes, her family and friends for their support, and Mrs. Kim Frick-Welker and everyone else for their encouragement. “Break-a-leg everyone!”

Lucas Clay Flatt (Caliban) is stoked to make his third consecutive appearance in a Shakespeare in the Park production. In fact, these days, he limits his acting ventures solely to working for the Bard. Nevertheless, you might have seen him in various performances at the Backdoor Play House in years past, including The Doll’s House, Our Town, and Raised in Captivity. Lucas would like to thank Steve, the lovely cast, and the wonderful crew for this opportunity. He would also like to thank his parents, his beautiful wife, Merry, and his cat, Captain Elliot Wafers. Special thanks to his coach, mentor, and brother, Travis: this one’s for you, buddy.

James Alder (Ferdinand) is happy to be in Shakespeare in the Park MMIX.

Evan Stevens (Trinculo) played Trinculo when he was in high school in Los Angeles, CA.  That was 50 years ago.  In another 50 years, he’d like to play the role again. He was Polonius in last year’s production of Hamlet.

Sarah Gray (Adrian) would like to thank everyone for the extensive love and support and is delighted to be in Shakespeare in the Park MMIX.

Philip Charles Horn (Stephano) has never been a butler, but has certainly been inebriated…. ahem…. Steve WHAT FUN! Learned a lot! Cast & CREW = SUPER COOL! : ) All love to K. Gilpatrick, Mark C., Charles L., Dave J., and Kim F.W.! Mary, YOU ARE THE BEST!!

Director’s Notes

THE TEMPEST is, in my estimation, one of Shakespeare’s most fun plays, and one of my favorites. Plotting, revenge, spirits, drunks, magic, monsters and maidens are involved in this work, widely considered to be his last play. It is also a love story with a happy ending!
A portion of the challenge in producing Shakespeare is to make it friendly to a possibly hesitant audience. Perhaps that justifies some opportunities to take liberal license with him, but we are then also charged with keeping it true and tidy for traditionalists. This play is hopefully accessible to a diverse audience as schemers may appreciate the underhanded conniving, the romantics should favor the love story, and the funny bits and characters might appeal to all, though the unflinching conventional Bardly scholar will likely gasp, gnash their teeth and lament such uncouth treatment.
Someone, one time, quipped, “Time is out of joint.” Oh, yes-Shakespeare penned it. Hamlet said it. THE TEMPEST was written about 399 years ago. In the future, many things that happen now will exist in a fairly fuzzy context, like the notion that human existence before Technicolor was only in black and white. History gets blurred and decades and centuries seemingly overlap and run together and one distant day we may believe that Governor William Bradford invented the internet. This version of The Tempest is intentionally riddled with inconsistencies and anachronisms. The time, the characters, the costumes, the music are all a hodge-podge; as varied a collection of miscellany as would be unearthed in such a place. Let’s pretend it is 399 years from now. Let’s let time be out of joint.
In the here and now, I must ask you to look about and appreciate the newly renovated amphitheatre in Dogwood Park. It is invigorating to watch this area of the city develop into the treasure and prospects it presents. I would also ask you to unite with me to thank those who tirelessly work for our pleasure. Chad McDonald, Brandon Walls, and Kim Frick-Welker, the regular production staff at the Cookeville Performing Arts Center, deserve praise in accomplishing more than seems possible by so few. Jodie Nabors’ creative eye and constructive skills coupled with pure task tackling have splashed this place with delightful color and costume. Sandy, Liv, and Jeffery; y’all are smoooth. Speaking of smoooth, cheers to Vegas-wife Amy.
Thank you, and continue to support all of the arts in our community.