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Cast (in order of appearance)
Orlando ~ Travis Flatt
Adam ~ Jordan “Beard” Wolfe
Oliver ~ Lucas Flatt
Dennis ~ Elijah Miller
Charles ~ Tyler Stephens
Rosalind ~ Samantha Raper
Celia ~ Emily Amonett
Touchstone ~ Patrick Mannle
Le Beau ~ Kelsey Cowan
Duke Frederick ~ Philip C. Horn
Hisperia ~ Angel Love
First Lord ~ Habeeb Kotun
Page ~ Noelle Brown
Duke Senior ~ Dave Johnson
Amiens ~ Matthew Wilson
Forester ~ Aaron Bilbrey
Corin ~ Steffan Gilbert
Silvius ~ Douglas Mallard
Jaques ~ Evan Cole
Audrey ~ Mary Boring
Sir Oliver Martext ~ Philip C. Horn
Phebe ~ Kailey Sue Angel
William ~ Douglas Mallard
Hymen ~ Jordyn Strilecky
Jacques de Boys ~ Tyler Stephens
Attendants to Duke Frederick
Elijah Miller, Kelsey Cowan,
Tyler Stephens, Angel Love
Lords and Attendants to Duke Senior
Noelle Brown, Angel Love, Mary Boring,
Aaron Bilbrey, Habeeb Kotun, “Beard”,

Production Team
Producer…..Chad McDonald
Director…..Steven W Gwilt
Stage Manager…..Liv Sinclair
Technical Director…..Matthew Wilson
Lighting Design…..Matthew Wilson
Light Board operator….Kim Frick-Welker
Sound Board operator…..Kim Frick-Welker
Scenic Design…..Steve Gwilt, Matthew Wilson
Set Construction…..Matthew Wilson,
Chad McDonald
Kim Frick-Welker, Roger Long
Scenic Painter…..Kim Frick-Welker
Costumer…..Anthony Herd
Costume Assistants…..Mary Boring, Katie Ory,
Sandy Johnson,
Props…..Amy Gwilt, Steve Gwilt,
Philip C. Horn, Steffan Gilbert, Connie Gilbert, Randi Finger, Rachel & Jason McCormick
Shakespeare Logo Design…..Wayne Hogan
Program Layout …..Steve Gwilt
Production Photos…..Jim Dillon

Megan Trotter, Ty Kernea, Herald-Citizen,
Dave Johnson, Brent Carl, Dwight Henry
Cookeville Communications
Rob Wheeler, Wesley Arena Theatre
Mark Creter, Backdoor Playhouse
Father Tom’s
Music …
Dueling Trumpets ~ Habeeb Kotun, Matthew Wilson
Under the Greenwood Tree ~ Matthew Wilson
& Forest Lords
(It Was A) Lover and His Lass ~ Noelle Brown
The Lusty Horn ~ Aaron Bilbrey
As You Like It Jam ~ AYLI Band:
Habeeb Kotun, Beard, Jordyn Strilecky,
Dave Johnson, Aaron Bilbrey, Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson (Amiens) has performed in several Shakespeare in the Park productions and directed at the Backdoor Playhouse and Backstage at CPAC. He recently directed the Backstage production of Freud’s Last Session which will performed as part of the Tennessee Theatre Association conference in October in Maryville. Matthew is quite keen on acting.
Aaron Bilbrey (Forester) is appearing in his first Shakespeare in the Park production.
Steffan Gilbert (Corin) Although having previously performed at the Wesley Theater and with Out On A Limb Productions, this is Mr. Gilbert’s first opportunity to work with the talented ensemble that makes up the Shakespeare in the Park troupe, and he appreciates their counsel, generosity, and mad stage brilliance. He spends his free time tracking the Jackson County Bigfoot when not otherwise engaged as an Occupational Hermit, though he can on occasion be found gallivanting at Gainesboro’s Bull and Thistle Pub whilst participating in scallywag antics. Among his Shameless Plugs are the aforementioned pub, the fact that he has a collection of short fiction, ‘Stories from the Hollow: Southern Gothic on Wry’ available from Amazon and episodes of ‘The Mondo Breakfast Show’, a cable TV surrealistic sitcom he co-wrote and produced, on You Tube and that he is married to Connie Gilbert, some of whose work is exhibited at A Love of Nature Gallery in Gainesboro.
Douglas Mallard (Silvius, William) is excited to do Shakespeare in the Park. His first production was in his high school play The King and I which he worked on with Miss Kim who directed the play. This is his second time being on stage and will be playing two roles. He is excited as this will be his first Shakespeare in the Park production.

Evan Cole (Jaques) was in As You Like It his freshman year in college.  It was his first college production & his first Shakespeare.  Fifty years & twenty+ productions of Shakespeare later, he gets to do it again.

Mary Boring (Audrey) is, liketh, delighted to be involved in Shakespeare in the Park, again.  Previously seen in Merry Wives of Windsor and Taming of the Shrew and also backstage work on other productions, I love being able to dissect and perform the words of William Shakespeare – what a privilege!  Thanks to Steve tor trusting me with the role, to the cast and crew for a wonderful experience and to you, the audience, for taking this ride with us.  Love to my bubbalahs.

Kailey Sue Angel (Phebe) is appearing in her first Shakespeare in the park performance.

Jordyn Strilecky (Hymen) is performing in her first Shakespeare in the Park Production.

Liv Sinclair (Stage Manager) Wow 10 years of SITP.  Very happy to be stage managing on my 8th time with them.  Don’t you love the park in the fall. Thanks to Steve and the awesome cast for making this a very fun show. As always much love to my precious nieces and nephew. Enjoy the show.

Travis Flatt (Orlando) is honored to act in this, his fifth Shakespeare in the Park. He has acted in seven cities, four states, and will do so until the day he dies (ideally, onstage). He thanks you for supporting community arts. He thanks Steve Gwilt for the opportunity, Marcy for love and support, Sam for the laughter, and the rest of the talented cast for advice, suggestions, and general fun.

Jordan “Beard” Wolfe is a recent graduate (August 2013) of Tennessee Tech who is excited to be part of the Tenth Anniversary production of Shakespeare in the Park.  I have done numerous things in this great theatre community but you may have most likely have seen me on stage in the Backdoor Playhouse’s production of Cabaret as the Gorilla and Victor or maybe even in last year’s Shakespeare in the Park’s production of Macbeth as a soldier, thane, and ensemble.  I would like to thank my cast and crew.  You guys have been an escape for me and you may not realize that so thank you again.  I would also like to thank Steve for giving me the opportunity to act again especially under his direction since my first show was with him in the Cookeville Children’s Theatre production of The Hobbit.  Finally, I would like to thank you…yes, you!  Enjoy the show!

Lucas Flatt (Oliver) is stoked to join his fourth Shakespeare in the Park, and after three years off the stage.  He’d like to thank his lovely cohort, beautiful wife, gorgeous parents, and pretty dog for their support.  And to Travis: wilt thou lay hands on me, villain!? (come at me, bro.)

Elijah Miller (Dennis, First Lord, Servant, Deer) is happy to be a part of this show.You may have seen him before as yet another servant in Merchant of Venice, and A Dolls House. I would like to thank Steve for the parts, Dave for the pizza, and Sam,er…mom,er….Rosalind………for the ride to rehearsals.

Tyler Stephens (Charles, Jaques de Boys) is very excited to be making his acting debut in this year’s Shakespeare in the Park. A junior at Tennessee Tech, Tyler is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in education. In his free time Tyler enjoys reading, writing, playing games with friends, and listening to fifties music. After experiencing how much fun a play can be, Tyler hopes to keep performing in other works.

Samantha Raper (Rosalind/Ganymeade) is thrilled to be back on stage, especially for the 10th anniversary of Shakespeare in the Park. As she was in the first production, as well as many others, she’s starting to feel quite old. You may have seen her manly mustaches in other roles such as Beatrice in Servant of Two Masters, Tailor in Taming of the Shrew, or Portia in Merchant of Venice.  She wonders if her directors are trying to imply something? Anyway, she wants to thank Steve Gwilt for trusting her with this amazing role, the cast and crew for being wonderful, and Erik, Elijah, Camilla, and Judah for lending her to the stage.

Emily Amonett (Celia/Aliena) is apprearing for the first time on the Dogwood Performance Pavilion stage. This is a show of many firsts for Emily, including her first role in a Shakespeare play and her first experience with outdoor theatre. She is a senior English/Dramatic Arts student at TTU and will be graduating this December! Emily would like to thank her family for their constant support,  Steve for this amazing opportunity, Sam gor being the best coz a girl could ask for and for “bits, bits, bits!”, and of course, Matt and Anne for making me laugh every single day-I love you both very much!

Noelle Brown (Page, Vocalist) is performing in her first Shakespeare in the Park

Patrick Mannle (Touchstone) is happy to be returning to the stage after a two year hiatus, and what a perfect show to come back for.  In the last 30 years, Patrick has appeared in over 100 shows throughout the U.S.  Some of his favorite roles include Hamlet, Reuben (Escanaba in da Moonlight), Master Ford (The Merry Wives of Windsor), Allan (Play it Again Sam), Jake (Stones in His Pockets), and Ray O’Dooley (The Beauty Queen of Lenanne).  He holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Tennessee, and an MA in Educational Psychology from TTU. He currently serves as an Instructor of Psychology at Nashville State in Cookeville.  He would like to thank Steve and the cast and crew for a fantastic experience.  He also extends thanks to his family, especially his wife Katie and his daughter Meredith, whom he loves to the moon and back.  Finally, thanks to you the patrons, for without you there would be no show.

Kelsey Cowan (LeBeau) is excited to be back in her hometown after graduating college! She is no stranger to the theatre; she was heavily involved in drama at her alma mater of Tennessee Wesleyan College, dabbling in acting, playwriting, production crew, and directing. Now Kelsey hopes to hone her skills in Cookeville. She’d like to thank her family and TWC friends for supporting her! This is Kelsey’s first performance at CPAC.

Philip C. (Command) Horn (Duke Frederick, Sir Oliver Martext) is
always THRILLED beyond words to be involved with Shakespeare In The Park! Favorite past roles include “Stefano” in The Tempest, “Sam Byck” in Assassins, “Charlie” in The Death Of A Salesman, and “Clarence” in It’s A Wonderful Life. Thanks Steve! Cast & crew – “beyond all whooping” wouldn’t you say? And… special thanks to YOU, the supporters of the arts in this very cool town. Now, prepare thyself to laugh!

Angel Love (Hisperia)This is my first theatrical effort. I am so excited to be a part of this production. Rehearsals in the park, the language of Shakespeare, comradery of the cast and crew, has all been like therapy for me. Thank you to Emily Amonett for all her support and encouragement along the way. Thank you to my mother for holding down the fort at home taking care of things. I hope this is the first of many productions that I will be involved in.

Habeeb Kotun, Jr. (First Lord) is an engineering student at TTU. This is his first Shakespeare performance.

Dave Johnson (Duke Senior) is an Associate Professor of English and Communication at Volunteer State Community College in Livingston. He’s thrilled to be back in Dogwood Shakespeare in the Park, and pleased to once again be working with his old friend Steve Gwilt, marking 25 years of collaboration. He was last seen here in 2011’s Merchant of Venice and The Tempest in 2010. He has directed two previous Dogwood Shakespeare productions–Hamlet and Merry Wives of Windsor–and acted in the Dogwood productions of Taming of the Shrew and Romeo and Juliet. In 2008, he directed the CPAC Backstage Series production of Escanaba in da Moonlight, which won the Tennessee Theater Association and Southeast Theater Conference Best Director and Best Production awards that year. He is excited to be directing the spring 2014 CPAC Backstage Series production of Duck Hunter Shoots Angel. He thanks his wife, Sandy, for her encouragement, and he is thankful for the City of Cookeville’s abiding support of Shakespeare in the Park. The Duke abides.

Director’s comments-
I have been involved with every Dogwood Shakespeare in the Park since the inaugural production ten years past. I have enjoyed for the past several years spending my September and October evenings in this beautiful park in this fantastic amphitheatre working on or in front of this stage with the deep well of talent that exists in this theatre-rich city. It has been a delight to watch this cast invent the characters and create the humor Mr. Shakespeare affords in this play. I gave the cast license with the words that will be inscripted on my headstone; “No bit is too cheap.” They took those words to heart.
Thank you to EVERYONE involved in Shakespeare in the Park, including you the audientia. Heaps of love to Vegas-wife Amy.
Enjoy. -swg