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Dogwood Shakespeare is a member of the

Institute of Outdoor Theatre

institute of outdoor theatre

Shakespeare in the Park is presented by:

The Cookeville Department of Leisure Services, Cultural Arts Division,
and the Cookeville Performing Arts Center

Shakespeare in Dogwood Park 2017:


Directed by Dave Johnson

click here to go to OpenSourceShakespeare to view the script

King Lear–Evan Cole
Goneril–Sam Raper
Regan–Emily Remmert
Cordelia–Kim Frick-Welker
King of France–John Fowler
Duke of Bergundy–Harrison Young
Duke of Cornwall–Travis Flatt
Duke of Albany–Ryan Steele
Earl of Kent–Phil Horn
Earl of Gloucester–Scott Strahan
Edgar–James Alder
Edmund–Matthew Wilson
Curan–Kat Fincher
Oswald–Michelle Smith
Old Man–Amanda Miller
Doctor–Harrison Young
Fool–Emily Amonett
Captain–Thomas Moore
Attendant to Cordelia – Stacey Clark
Herald–Elijah Miller
Servant 1–Bailee Michaels
Servant 2–Kat Fincher
Servant 3–Camila Raper
Servants, attendants, and knights of Lear’s train, and various assemblies:
Kat Fincher
Bailee Michaels
Mim Strahan
Camila Raper
Bethany Allen
Thomas Moore
Elijah Miller
Stacey Clark
Harrison Young
John Fowler
Travis Flatt
Ryan Steele
James Alder
Stacey Clark
All actors please contact director David Johnson via email to confirm you accept your role(s).
Email address: [email protected]


Performance dates: September 29, 30, October 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 2017
7:00 pm

Past Shakespeare in Dogwood Park productions:

2004-A Midsummer Night’s Dream-directed by Mark Harry Creter

2005-Romeo and Juliet-directed by Mark Harry Creter

2006-Taming of the Shrew-directed by Mark Harry Creter

2007-Twelfth Night-directed by Mark Harry Creter

2008-Hamlet-directed by Dave Johnson

2009-The Tempest-directed by Steven W Gwilt

2010-The Merry Wives of Windsor-directed by Dave Jonson

2011-The Merchant of Venice-directed by Dave Davidson

2012-Macbeth-directed by Mark Harry Creter

2013-As You Like It-directed by Steven W Gwilt

2014-Richard III-directed by Mark Harry Creter

2015-The Comedy of Errors-directed by Kim Frick-Welker

2016-Julius Caesardirected by Mark Harry Creter

2017-King Lear-directed by Dave Johnson