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American Gas Association
This site contains safety and general information, studies, and industry links.

American Public Gas Association
The mission of the APGA is to advocate for publicly-owned natural gas distribution systems, and effectively educate and communicate with members to promote safety, awareness, performance and competitiveness.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Information
This Site contains information on how to protect yourself against carbon monoxide poisoning.


Excess Flow Valve Information

This site contains the US Department of Transportation Publication regarding the expansion of the use for Excess Flow Valves in Natural Gas Distribution Systems.

Energy Conversion Site
This site contains a quick and easy way to convert energy units into different forms of equivalent units of measure.

Natural Gas
This site is presented as a educational website covering a variety of topics related to the natural gas industry.

Tennessee Gas Association
The Tennessee Gas Association supports the growth of the natural gas industry in Tennessee by enhancing the overall performance, safety, competitiveness and public awareness of its members and their products and services.

Tennessee One Call System Inc.
This site’s mission is to provide the best possible communication and notification service to prevent damage to underground utilities.