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The City of Cookeville has adopted the 2012 International Building, Residential, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, and Fire Codes, 2009 International Energy Conservation Code and the 2008 National Electrical Code.

Specific permit requirements are listed below.

Building Permits are required to:

  • Construct a building
  • Alter or remodel a building (interior or exterior)
  • Repair a building
  • Move a building
  • Demolish a building
  • Change the occupancy of a building
  • Adding or replacing a deck
  • Adding or replacing a wheelchair ramp
  • Put up a fence
  • Put up commercial tents
  • Put up an accessory/storage building
  • To set up a mobile home

Mechanical Permits are required to:

  • Add or replace HVAC equipment
  • Add or replace a gas water heater
  • Add, modify, or replace gas piping
  • Add, modify, or replace a commercial exhaust hood (kitchen, paint booth, etc.)

Plumbing Permits are required to:

  • Add or move plumbing fixtures
  • Modify or replace waste drainage system (Galvanized to PVC, etc.)
  • Modify or replace water distribution system (Copper to PEX, etc.)
  • Sewer connection
  • Replace water heater

Electrical Permits

  • Permit required for electrical installations
  • Permit required for HVAC electrical installations

Sign Permits

  • Sign permits required for all signs including on premise signage.
  • For sign permits contact the Sign Inspector at 931.520.5233.
  • For regulations please reference Section 207 of the Cookeville Zoning Code or contact 931.520.5233.

Yard Sale Permits

  • Permit required to have a yard sale
  • $2 permit fee
  • Sale can run for maximum of 3 consecutive days
  • Allowed 3 sales per year with minimum 30 days between sales

All licensing to be in accordance with State of TN regulations.

If a project is in excess of $25,000, a Tennessee Contractor’s License and proof of Workers Compensation Insurance are required.

State Limited Licensed Plumbing License (LLP) and a Cookeville Special Plumbers License (SPL) is required for permitting plumbing and gas line work.

State Limited Licensed Electrical License (LLE) and a Cookeville Electrical License (CKE) is required for ALL electrical permitting.

*A City Electrical License (CKE) and City Special Plumbers License (SPL) is required for permitting Electrical or Plumbing work.  The cost of EACH license is $50 and must be renewed annually.

Please review the Minimum Building Permit Requirements for additional information required before obtaining a building Permit.

For Permit and related fees please review the Fee Schedule.

*An Owner may act as general contractor to build his own residence to live in, 1 house every 2 years.