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The steps to determine construction costs are:

1.  Determine the construction’s use or classification from the first table.
2.  Determine the type of construction (use the second table to figure construction type).
3.  Determine the cost per square foot of the construction from the first table by matching the classification with the type of construction.
4.  Take the cost per square foot and multiply by the building’s square footage.


Group R-3 One Family Home
VB Construction Type
Building square footage is 2,000

Using the tables below:

1.  Classification would be Residential, one family
2.  Construction type would be VB (combustible and non-rated)
3.  Using the chart, from the Residential one family row and the VB column, we find the minimum cost per square foot is $85.

Then we use that value to find the construction cost:

4.  $85 per square foot x 2,000 square feet (home size) = $170,000 (construction cost).

This number, $170,000, is now used to calculate the Building Permit Fee.

Square Foot Construction Costs

Group2003 ClassificationType Construction
A-1Assembly, theaters, with stage175170166159148147154137132
A-1Assembly, theaters, without stage162156152145134134140123118
A-2Assembly, nightclubs13312912512111211211610399
A-2Assembly, restaurants, bars, banquet hall13212812312011011111510198
A-3Assembly, churches162157153146135134141124119
A-3Assembly, general, community halls, libraries1341291241181061061139591
A-4Assembly, arenas13212812312011011111510198
F-1Factory and industrial, moderate hazard817873716162685249
F-2Factory and industrial, low hazard807773706161675249
H-1High Hazard, explosives7673696657576348NP
H234High Hazard797369665757634845
I-1Institutional, supervised environment13212812411910910911510096
I-2Institutional, incapacitated223218214208195NP204184NP
I-3Institutional, restrained152147143137126124133115109
I-4Institutional, daycare facilities13212812411910910911511096
MMercantile (Retail)999590877878826866
R-1Residential, hotel13312912512011111111710298
R-2Residential, multi family111107103988988958076
R-3Residential, one and two family107104102999494979085
R-4Residential, care/assisted living13212812411910910911510096
S-1Storage, moderate hazard757267655556624644
S-2Storage, low hazard747167645555614643
UUtility, miscellaneous (garage)575451494242463533

Definition of Construction Types

I ANoncombustible, fire resistive, unlimited area and height for most occupancies.
I BNoncombustible, fire resistive and up to 12 stories if sprinklered.
II ANoncombustible with an exterior rating of 1 hour.
II BNoncombustible, but with no fire protection of structural framing, walls, floors and roof. (metal)
III ANoncombustible exterior, interior framing can be of combustible material.
III BNoncombustible exterior.
IVHeavy timber framing, open construction and no concealed spaces.
V ACombustible with 1-hour fire resistive construction.
V BCombustible and non-rated. (house)