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On June 25, 2009, Governor Bredesen signed Public Chapter 530 Amending the Business Tax Code.  The State of Tennessee web site has detailed information about the changes.

Public Chapter 530 transfers the responsibility for the administration and collection of the local business tax from the counties and municipalities to the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue.  Counties and municipalities retain responsibility for registering and licensing local businesses.  This means that a new business will still apply and pay the City of Cookeville for the initial business tax application and that the City of Cookeville will issue the business license after the business pays the business tax to the State of Tennessee.  The City of Cookeville is also responsible for any changes (location change, mailing address change, classification change, etc.) to the business.


When a business is located inside the city limits of Cookeville, two (2) business licenses are required; one from the City of Cookeville and one from Putnam County.  The Putnam County office is located at 121 S. Dixie Avenue and the phone number is (931)526-7106.  An application for a City of Cookeville Business Tax License must be completed and returned to the City of Cookeville with the $15.00 application fee.  The City of Cookeville Police Department requests a Business Key Holder form be completed for after hour emergencies.  The completed Business Key Holder form must be returned to our office with the Business Tax License application.

The City of Cookeville also requires proper zoning for all businesses.  To verify that your business location is zoned for the type of business, please call the City Codes Department at (931)520-5268.  The City of Cookeville Special Standards of the Zoning Code allows certain business in residential areas.  The business owner of a home occupation must sign the Affidavit for Home Occupation that states you will abide by the Home Occupation requirements.  The completed affidavit must be returned to our office with the Business Tax License Application.


The State of Tennessee Department of Revenue is collecting the business tax for current year business tax reports for all businesses.  If the business is delinquent paying the business tax, the City of Cookeville will collect the business tax.

To pay CURRENT year business tax to the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue, go to website to get more information.    If you cannot find the answer to your question on the website please contact the Department of Revenue at (800) 342-1003.  Blank report forms for the current tax period and instructions are available at


If the City of Cookeville business license expiration date is 9/30/2009 or earlier, then the DELINQUENT business tax is paid to the City of Cookeville.  The Business Tax Report form for delinquent business tax and the Business Tax Report form to finalize a delinquent City of Cookeville business are available or call our office at (931)520-5250 or 520-5251.

All location address or mailing address changes are reported to the City of Cookeville.  A Business Tax Change Form should be completed and returned to our office in person, by mail or by fax.  Our mailing address is City of Cookeville Business Tax Department P.O. Box 998 Cookeville, TN  38503-0998 or our fax number is 931-526-4897.